Hello there! I am Zhi Wei. Trained in the field of branding, conceptualization and design, who in the abundance of time, always believes that there is more to design than just what one can create on their screen.

Because more often than not, the lines between Craft and Design are interconnected.  And these trades are what I hold dear.With designing, nearly everything needs to be handled from a computer screen, but this is no longer enough to create great works. Not losing the skill of craft is of paramount importance. Because in this day and age, we often lose ourselves, sitting behind a desk, working on a screen.

Designing should also be about tactility, and understanding the material one is to work with. For each of the projects, an element of craft is always weaved and incorporated, because crafting will always be something close to my heart.

I’d love meeting like-minded people who share an interest in literature, poetry, philosophy, anthropology and economics.

Hit me up at koh_zhiwei@hotmail.com or give me a ring at 8123 3830 for my full résumé, collaborations, sharing different perspectives, or bespoke leather goods.

Let’s make it happen.

I am a designer and an aspiring craftsman. 


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