In the Scale of Things (The Universe)

In the Scale of Things is a publication that was inspired by the alignment of the planets in 2016, which only occurs every 10 years. With this sudden curiosity for the solar system, coupled with much enthusiasm from songs by Five for Fighting, I did in-depth research to understand the solar system which we reside in, and I realised that there are few publications out there that show and describe just how minute we are compared to the vastness of the universe.

This publication aims to explore the scale of the different planets if the sun were to fill an entire page. A die-cut on the blue pages signify the actual size of the particular planet when compared relatively with that of the sun.

A riddle has been included in this publication to complement the visuals and to remind us of just how insignificant we are in the scale of the universe. Adiron Blue was used in this publication because it draws some reference to space and the darkness which it resides in.

Short descriptions have been included to give reference and information of the planets on their respective pages.

Printed on Curious Matter Emperor White and Adiron Blue.


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