This project was conceived out of the notion of having cities comprising of different typefaces. There have been different phases of architecture throughout the different eras, from renaissance to baroque, art nouveau to art deco and post-modern to deconstructivism. The typefaces were selected specifically to complement the different eras throughout architecture.

Different alphabets represented different structures in the architecture, just as how there are buildings made for offices and houses constructed for their inhabitants. Through extensive research, I learnt the key elements in each of the various phases in architecture and how some of them are interlinked. Like how expressionist is closely linked to post-modern architecture, and how baroque is somewhat related to gothic architecture. The typefaces chosen in these posters were selected to best fit a particular era of architecture.

The typefaces used in the following posters are Bodoni, Times New Roman and Helvetica.

DSC_0428 DSC_0427DSC_0437DSC_0438DSC_0444DSC_0458DSC_0430DSC_0433DSC_0432DSC_0454DSC_0461DSC_0467DSC_0484DSC_0485

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