From My Little Window

From My Little Window is an 18 spread picture book consisting of photographs and illustrations of birds taken and drawn by myself. This publication is an exploration of combining different mediums, while staying true to the subject. I’ve always had the privilege of having canaries near me because there are many trees outside my window. What started out as just a hobby of trying to catch a glimpse of the birds turned into a bit of a duty to snap pictures of the birds whenever I hear their calling. It surprises me to know that so many species of birds frequent the trees and that these would be rather uncommon given the climate Singapore is accustomed to. However, there are the elusive ones which I always hear but have never gotten a chance to take a picture of. Birds like owls and doves can always be heard but never found. The illustrations are a substitute as visuals for the birds I wish to snap in the near future. The book has been printed on a variety of papers with different textures and weight to suit the image on the spread. Papers from the Argowiggins curious collection, RJ paper’s Munken Print and Bamboo collection were some of the different papers used in this publication. It was bound using coptic stitching, revealing an open spine as well as a die-cut cover portraying the window from which I view the birds from. There is also a short verse on each spread accompanying the visuals. Some typographic treatment was applied to it. If read from cover to cover, the verses forms a poem of sorts taking one through the journey of my experiences with birds, from my little window.            

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