What started out as something silly among friends turned into an actual concept. The joke went “If Christians were to open a cafe, what would it be called? Hebrews.” Everyone would have a good laugh about it and shrug it off. But it lingered on in my mind, and before I knew it, I was sketching out concepts and logos for this brand.

Hebrews is a cafe that pays homage to Christ and his teachings. Hebrew is a West Semitic language from which the name Jesus originated from; the original spelling in transcription to be “Yeshua”. Burgundy was chosen as a primary color for the brand because of it’s significance in the bible and on the cross where Jesus gave his life. Furthermore, it is also stated in the Matthew 26:17-30, that the wine drank among disciples would represent the blood of Christ and the bread broken would symbolise his body, thus reflecting it’s importance among other colors. A secondary color of navy blue was implemented as well, because it represented hope, healing and grace. And it is further emphasized in the bible as well, in Exodus 24:10.

DSC_7668 DSC_7670 DSC_7671 DSC_7673 DSC_7676 DSC_7678

A sans serif typeface was applied to the logo, overlaid with inked illustrations to add some contrast and depth in the branding. the deliverables include namecards, letterheads, envelopes and a waxed seal casted with the brand. The placemat and coaster was also designed along with a series of handpicked cutleries to compliment the brand’s personification and style.

A personification of the brand was also added with two characters illustrated, one patiently kneading the dough of the bread and another enduringly pouring the coffee into a cup. This was implemented to add a warm and meaningful personality to the brand narrative. Bible verses were also hand picked and strategically placed across different channels, from the menu design to the shop layout.

The choice of meat and greens, such as fish, partridge, passionfruit and goose just to name a few, drew references from the verses in the bible. Coffee is also mentioned in the bible with references in Leviticus and Matthew. Thus a series of illustrations were also created to allow the consumer to choose from a wide array of brewing techniques, from cold drip to percolator.

The menu is an eight spread booklet that opens up to become A3 size, illustrations from the secondary graphics of the branding were tactfully added along with illustrations of the different types of coffee brewing methods one can order from. Verses from the bible were also implemented in the menu along with the shop layout.

DSC_8550 DSC_8548 DSC_8545 DSC_8554 DSC_8559 DSC_7690 DSC_7714 DSC_7702 DSC_7685 DSC_7723



front original_11-market-lane AP-Cafe-Bushwick-Brooklyn-NYC-Untapped-Cities







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