Hide&Seek III









In this series, the concept was to dive a little deeper into function. Because previous series only included card holders, it was deemed fitting that the collection would be expanded to include a wallet.

The shape of the wallet is vertical, allowing it to stand out from the many horizontal wallets available in the market now. Wallets that are horizontal tend to be a little more difficult to handle because opening is inverted. Cards and coins tend to fall out when reaching from the back pocket. Therefore, it was a concious decision to make the wallet vertical. Furthermore, the vertical shape enables easy handling, when one is reaching for his wallet from the back pocket.

A nude cowhide was used in the creation of this wallet. It fits large bills and up to six cards in the pockets. The thread used in this series is that of waxed durable nylon, made to last.

No tanning solution was applied to the treatment of the leather because the shade of the cowhide is unique, and features nicely as an accessory or a namecard holder.






With the concept of creating a wallet, this cardholder was created. It has a dual purpose, serving as a purse. The slot is large enough to fit five bills and three cards.

An auburn dye was used to treat this vegetable tanned leather. Nylon waxed thread was also used in this cardholder. The major difference of this compared with the previous series is that of the edges. The edges in this particular series was carved to form a round edge finish, allowing the holder to be easier on the fingers. It also allows one to pick it up with more ease because of this.

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