Hide&Seek II

Leather is something very close to my heart. When I work with leather, I am doing what I know and love. Plans are underway, to start something for a greater course, so stay tuned to this space. In the meantime, if there are any requests for leather products that can be seen in my portfolio or otherwise seen outside, drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

In this series, a cardholder was created. Because form and function is the essence of what I believe to be of utmost importance, the cardholder is kept extremely simple, with minimal crafting done to the leather, presenting it to as close as the original leather as it gets, no extra pockets or sleeves, just one piece of leather stitched together.

DSC_6403 2
DSC_6400 2

DSC_6471 2

In this series, a handphone pouch was also crafted, keeping in mind the notion of simplicity, for and function. The pouch fits an Iphone perfectly and can be customized to fit any mobile device.

DSC_6513 2
DSC_6512 2

DSC_6508 2

DSC_6421 2

DSC_6424 2

DSC_6501 2

DSC_6502 2

DSC_6503 2

DSC_6504 2

DSC_6507 2

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