Homemade Hearty Jam for the Everyday Craves





This brief was to package homemade jam, with recycled bottles. As the mood was more homely and earthy, brown was chosen as the palette for the brief, along with an-off white paper, to show stark contrast between the positive and negative. Because these bottles are recycled, the brown also aided in bringing across the notion of recycled bottles. A cloth was used to seal the packaging after it was closed with the lid, simply because the label of the original bottle was there, and to support eco-friendliness, no overlaying of paint was used. In this way, less harm would be done to the environment if this were to be mass produced. Furthermore, the cloth is printed on, and can be used as a napkin or whatever the consumer deems fit.

A knot was tied with nylon string to further accentuate the homemade factor, which would definitely help the bottle stand out on any supermarket shelf.

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