This series titled Goods is a compilation of handmade items, from leather cases to wood sleeves for notebooks, from wooden rings to tea leaves, each of which have been painstakingly made, to complement each other. Wood cards and the wood sleeve were made from Balsa Wood, a flexible yet brittle material.  The straw basket was collected and refurbished with a new coat of white paint over the handles, giving it new life.

The main objective of this project was to accentuate the versatility of wood and leather. The concept of the entire project revolves around noticing the little details and efforts that go into handmade products.

The forms were carefully chosen before I actually got down to cut it. As I wanted to work with wood, I thought that it would be apt to create origami forms instead of organic ones. Deriving this shapes from the wood was difficult because the wood was extremely brittle and the shapes are small as they were meant to be pasted on rings. It was only after enough trial and error that I managed to create both the squirrel and rabbit rings, that were of presentable standards. Along with the rings, I also created a packaging form to hold the products and to ensure that the rings would not move about in the packaging, I layered it with sponge to secure the position of both rings.

With balsa wood, I created clip-on bookmarks that could be re-used. As it is small, it was ask difficult to cut the wood down to size. As the wood was extremely brittle, I also layered it with a coating of wax on the back to ensure that it is able to withstand a certain amount of flexibility without snapping into two and it was successful. A box was created to hold the bookmarks together and debossing was done for the box to make it slightly more interesting.

Balsa wood was also used to create this recyclable notebook cover that could be re-used if one has paper books. Stripes of wood lined both sides to hold the notebook together and that only both paper ends of the notebook needed to be slipped in and you’re good to go.The inner side of the notebook is lined with yellow felt to provide a soft texture for the notebook.

For the wood cards that can be seen below, I wanted to add something quirky to the whole set. Therefore, I chose to carve out silhouettes of animals on the wood card as it could make for a greeting card or even just as a set of display panels. Originally, the silhouettes were difficult to imagine because the forms of the animals were very organic. However after much trial and error, I managed to achieve the right sizes of the animals in their most distinct poses. The animals in the cards are the giraffe, panda and elephant. The cards are approximately A6 size and would come in handy as gift cards. An envelope was created alongside these cards and debossing was also done for it.

This leather notebook sleeve was created using the leather purchased from the seller mentioned above. It is hand-sewn with violet 3mm thread and double stitched to ensure that the thread does not become loose. The sleeve fits a 13-inch macbook pro nicely.

This straw box originally served as a tea pot warmer and was used back in the 70s. However, as the handles and plates were extremely rusty, I decided to give it a fresh coat of white paint as it matches my entire project and that it would hold all the items created above. A thin leather thread was used to secure it.

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