Old Town White Coffee

The concept behind the packaging was to emphasize the notion of tradition, taking into consideration that Old Town has been around for a significant number of years. White coffee is created when caramel is added to the coffee beans during the grinding process. Old Town were the pioneers for White Coffee. Therefore, choosing to emphasize that in the packaging by showing hints of caramel with the coffee beans. A spin on the words “white coffee” was also created, where coffee beans and tea leaves were painted white, ensuring that the packaging would stand up from the crowd, alongside its competitors.

The navy blue chosen was carefully picked to exude elegance and tradition simultaneously, to create a stark contrast from the white coffee beans and gold caramel swashes, yet not overpowering them. A continuous flow of caramel can be seen when the coffee boxes are lined up together, to illustrate the long tradition of having been the first company to produce white coffee mix.

Some features of the current packaging was retained, such as the transparent portion on the bottom of the packaging box as well as the implementation of the malay and chinese characters and english translation found on the side of the packaging.

A total of 4 packaging templates were created, one white coffee mix box, one white coffee mix packet, one white tea mix box and one white tea mix packet. As the coffee and tea mix have different flavors, such as hazelnut and the new addition(sugar cane), the packaging for different flavors would have different colors, namely maroon and a dartmouth green.

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