Peace One Day

Peace One Day was one of the clients for the D&AD White Pencil award.

The objective is to raise awareness for Peace One Day on the 21st of September, allowing the public to recognize and relate to it as much as birthdays.
The concept for this entire campaign circulated around indifference.

The campaign raised awareness for indifference, and how it has brought harm upon mankind, families being broken up because of this. The use of daily objects are a representation of how we may possess the same objects, but to have them in scenario. The objects appear torn, shattered and irregular, to show the damage and harm brought upon it, and the reality that these are objects which you would easily find if you in a war zone area. where people suffer every single day.

5 deliverables were generated, 1 transit ad, 2 print ads, 1 booklet and 1 animation.

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