The objective for this particular brief was to advertise Mustafa shopping centre, a local shopping centre which had everything under the sun, under one roof. This had to be done in a different light, different from their current advertising techniques. Simultaneously, the objective was also to promote unique qualitites of Mustafa, including it being open 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.

Together with 2 other team mates, it was evident that emphasizing Mustafa’s ability to house everything under one roof was unique selling point we were working with, and went for the different scenarios on how Mustafa had everything for every single one of them. The idea was to show that Mustafa caters to any random occasion you may have or encounter, from movie nights to romantic ones like a picnic date. A promotional video was created to further emphasis this, which will be used for television commercials.

Along with that, a Facebook page was set up to allow participants to challenge each other by accepting the different challenges. An example would be that for one occasion, participants would have to head down to Mustafa to mix and match their own items for this particular occasion and take a picture once they have done so. The winner with the most creative combination at a substantially low budget would be awarded prizes such as a holiday trip as Mustafa also houses a travel agency and this prize would help strengthen the brand awareness for Mustafa even further.

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