Jewel Swirls

The brief required us to rebrand Khong Guan’s fancy gems biscuit. The name Jewel Swirls had some similarities to the original name to allow consumers to recognize this product more easily. For many of us, these biscuits were reminiscent of our childhood, when they were either sold in cans or plastic bags, just at the provision shop, at the void deck, and how we would much on them all day and night, or save the icing for later and have the biscuits first. That was one of the many unique selling points of this icing biscuit that many of us find familiar. Therefore, a choice of pastel colors were chosen to evoke such emotions, with the use of more vibrant colors, similar to that found on the icings of the biscuit.

For many of us, this was also comfort food. Therefore, the notion of packaging the biscuit as a source of comfort food, with the colors portraying warmth and  ease.Usage of catch phrases were implemented to tug at the heart strings of consumers.

We all have moments in our lives where we feel low, or too stressed up for many reasons. These biscuits would serve as a companion and as a perfect
pick-me-up snack.


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