Mr Muscle

The objective of this campaign was to promote Mr Muscle through a series of print advertisements, strategically placed at clear channels and in household magazines such as 8 Days and  I-Weekly. The current marketing strategy that Mr Muscle uses the mascot for Mr Muscle, to portray him in a light of a superhero, appearing in front of housewives in need, and aiding them in cleaning up the mess in the kitchen, therefore saving the day.

With this current marketing strategy, the objective was kept identical, but with the intention to expand the scope to print advertisements, by using the mascot and leaving traces of his presence through a series of photographs, while depicting an extremely clean kitchen, to emphasize the cleanliness that can be achieved when Mr Muscle is implemented.

This was achieved by leaving hints of the mascot, fulfilling his duties, watching out for dirty kitchens, and more importantly, getting the job done.

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